Skirmisher[edit | edit source]

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Skirmisher is an unlockable class in CoronaCTF

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Skirmisher is a deadly hunter, with strengths and abilities centered around tracking and taking down a single target with expert precision. The Skirmisher's signature crossbow highlights enemies on hit, activating a variety of different abilities when that enemy is slashed with his sword. The Skirmisher is also equipped with a bear trap that he can place on the battlefield to snare unsuspecting victims.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Crossbow[edit | edit source]

Crossbow (on hit)

Deals 3.5 damage on hit. Also triggers highlights the target when you hit an enemy with it. Hit the highlighted enemy with the skirmisher sword to trigger a special ability.

Type: Passive Price: Free
Description: Highlight opponents on hit.

Sword[edit | edit source]

Iron Sword (on hit)

A movement ability that allows fighters to position themselves to maximize their advantage. Close gaps horizontally with Bull Rush or reach enemies above you with Tiger Pounce. Press 'drop item' on the rabbit hide to cycle through these abilities at any time.

Hunter Blade
Type: Passive Price: Free
Description: Deals 50% more damage to highlighted enemies.
Soul Drain
Type: Passive Price: 20cc
Description: Restore 1.5 hearts of health upon hitting a highlighted enemy.
Sleight of Hand
Type: Passive Price: 80cc
Description: Upon hitting an enemy with a loaded crossbow, adds an extra bolt to your next crossbow shot (up to 3).

Bear Trap[edit | edit source]

Iron Pressure Plate (right click to place)

Triggers an effect when an enemy steps on the block it is occupying.

Bear Trap
Type: Block

Duration: Until Stepped on

Price: Free

Cooldown: 8s

Description: deals 3 damage when an enemy steps on the block it is occupying and gives the target slowness and inability to jump for a few seconds.

Ultimate[edit | edit source]

The skirmisher ultimate

Instinctive Hunter
Type: Buff Duration: 30 seconds
Description: Grants Speed III. For the duration, landing a hit with the crossbow or sword automatically reloads it.

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