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Gladiator is an unlockable class in CoronaCTF


A balanced class that uses a combination of its gladiator trident and fishing rod to ensnare and pick off enemies. The trident allows the gladiator to fight at nearly any distance, be it close up, just out of the enemy's range, or even farther out, while the fishing rod can be used to inflict a number of debuffs, trapping the enemy and leaving them helpless before the gladiator's onslaught.

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Trident (right click to throw)

Deals a base damage of 3.5 hearts, and adds an added effect on hit

Type: Passive Price: Free
Description: Enemies hit by the trident are knocked back by -- blocks. If the target hits a wall, they are stunned for --s.
Type: Passive Price: 35cc
Description: An enemy hit with the trident at below half health is instantly killed.
Life Swap
Type: Active Price: 40cc
Description: Swap life totals with healthy enemies hit by the trident.
Type: Active Price: 75cc
Description: Inflicts Bleed on enemies hit by the trident, taking -- damage every time they move


Fishing Rod (right click to cast)

Cast the net to inflict a debuff on enemies within -- blocks within where the lure lands

Type: Active

Duration: --

Price: Free

Cooldown: 7s

Description: Slows enemies in the net's range.
Type: Active

Duration: --s

Price: 20cc

Cooldown: --s

Description: Weakens enemies in the net's range
Type: Active Price: 30cc

Cooldown: --s

Description: Pulls the target closer to you.


Storm God's Wrath
Type: Buff
Description: Grants jump boost 8 and speed 2 for 22 seconds, as well as slow-falling for 25 seconds. Replaces the normal gladiator trident with the special Storm Strike Trident. This trident has a 0.5s cooldown to return to the user's hand, and calls down a bolt of lightning wherever the trident lands.

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