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Fighter is a default class in CoronaCTF


A powerful physical combatant with a focus on raw damage through the user's diamond sword. Fighters excel if they can get within range of most classes, but are weak at a distance, especially if their Rush movement ability is on cooldown. The Fighter class is a rewarding, easy to learn but difficult to master class that is worthwhile for every player to be familiar with.


Corona CTF - Class Guide- Fighter



Diamond sword (on hit)

Deal 7 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png) damage on hit. Also triggers a special ability when you hit an enemy with it. Press 'drop item' to cycle through these abilities while out of combat.

Infernal Blade Sets opponents on fire for 2 seconds.
Confusion Blade 20% chance to distort enemy's view on hit.
Swift Blade Hitting an opponent grants Speed I for 7 seconds.


Rabbit hide (right click)

A movement ability that allows fighters to position themselves to maximize their advantage. Close gaps horizontally with Bull Rush or reach enemies above you with Tiger Pounce. Press 'drop item' on the rabbit hide to cycle through these abilities at any time.

Bull Rush Duration: 10s Cooldown: 35s
Rush forward with Speed II until you hit an enemy, knocking them into the air.
Tiger Pounce Duration: 5s Cooldown: 35s
Leap up with Jump Boost V. Deal true damage if you critical hit while falling.


The fighter ultimate, Omnislash, gives players an attack speed boost and the unique effect of teleporting to a nearby enemy on every hit. In practice, this lets the player land a flurry of blows on any number of enemies while rendering themselves nearly impossible to hit for the duration.

Omnislash Type: Buff Duration: 30 seconds
Description: Grants Haste X. For the duration, each hit teleports the user to a random location within reach of and facing the enemy. Allows the user to chain hits together on enemies nearby.

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