Engineer[edit | edit source]

Engineer is an unlockable class in CoronaCTF

Summary[edit | edit source]

A building class that changes the battlefield to their advantage with tools and auto-replenishing building materials↵

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Autobuild[edit | edit source]

Iron ingot

Creates a structure in exchange for materials.

Type: Active Price: Free
Description: Builds a defensive tower where you stand.
Cost: 48 planks and 12 cobblestone Construction time: 5 seconds
Type: Active Price: 40
Description: Builds a reinforced wall in front of you.
Cost: 16 planks and 32 cobblestone Construction time: 5 seconds
Type: Active Price: 60 Coins
Description: Builds a tactical bridge in front of you.
Cost: 32 planks and 8 cobblestone Construction time: 5 seconds

Building materials[edit | edit source]

wood planks Description: 64 blocks maximum. Replenishes quickly(8 planks per replenish).

cobblestone Description: 32 blocks maximum. Replenishes slowly(4 cobblestone per replenish).

cobwebs Description: 8 webs maximum. Replenishes very slowly(1 cobweb per replenish).

Ultimate[edit | edit source]

The engineers ultimate allows players to teleport from location to another.

Spacetime portal
Type: Active Duration: 20 seconds (citation needed)
Description: Creates a one-way portal from where you're standing to where you're pointing when you activate the ultimate.

Update History[edit | edit source]

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